7 Product Review of the Land Pride Accu-Z ZT60

Land Pride Zero Turn Mowers

Great Turning Radius!

The Accu-Z ZT60 Zero Turn Mower from Land Pride is a fine and highly-popular commercial duty mower. These zero turn mowers are extremely maneuverable, superbly comfortable, highly productive, and come in cutting configurations designed to meet the needs of even the most discriminating owners and custom operators. This makes the Accu-Z Series one of the premier choices of grass maintenance machines for large estate owners, cemeteries, municipalities, campuses, and landscape maintenance contractors. The homeowner with more than a ¾ lot to keep clean and green will simply love this proficient piece of machinery and will soon know what every Land Pride Accu-Z ZT60 owner doe; this baby really gets the job done!

Land Pride Accu-Z ZT60 owners living in areas with hills or warmer and wetter climates will typically want to employ the floating axle capability for enhanced traction capability and a smoother ride. Twin-lever hydrostatic steering will enable 60″ models to turn with-in their overall length. Couple this outstanding turnability with a 10 mph mowing speed and you’ve got mowing capability that’s fast, safe, comfortable, and easy to transport. Not only does all the above value-added features come stocked with this piece of lawn-keeping equipment but Land Pride’s new electrically released automotive drum style braking system means sure-footed stops on a dime! The Accu-Z ZT60 Land Pride Mower will meet the commercial duty needs described above and how!


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