Welcome to the Land Pride Replacement Parts Blog!  The founder of this blog belongs within a company that has been in business since 1966, Bahrns Equipment!  The company and its employees are excited to be able to communicate various aspects that revolve around Land Pride Products and servicing them.  Because we have carried this product in our store and because many of the employees have used them themselves, we are proud to be able to talk about the products.  Continue to see new posts on our products of choice as we develop our blog weekly.  We would love to see feedback with commenting.  Thanks for visiting!


  1. EqUser2

    Welcome to the Land Pride Replacement Parts Site!

    We are very happy that you have decided to visit us here and look forward to answering each and every question you may have in relation to Land Pride RP or Bahrns Equipment Inc.

    The WordPress site is going to be your one-stop resource location for so many topics that involve Land Pride or Bahrns!

    Please feel Free to Contact us at the below listed information of you have a question or just a comment, we are here to help!

    Phone: 1-800-432-2909
    Email: lawneq@bahrns.com

  2. V. Jay Potratz

    We need a relay switch for the power lift…VF4-45F11. Anyway that you can help? Thanks.

    1.920.685.2801 home
    1.920.379.3444 Jay’s cell
    1.920.379.5135 Nancie’s cell

    Again, thanks.

    1. EqUser2

      Good Morning Jay!

      Certainly we can help! Let me shoot this on over to our Service Center and they will get back to you shortly.



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