CA05 Series Pull-Type Core Aerator from Land Pride

Soil Compaction an Issue? Try the CA05 Series Pull-Type Core Aerators from Land Pride
The CA05 Series Pull-Type Core Aerators are designed to relieve soil compaction and allow for some really great influx of air circulation in grassy surfaces for residential use and other light applications. If your lawn is looking a bit compacted or even just not looking as good as it has been in the past then forcing air into this soil can be just what the lawn physician ordered!

Today we are spotlighting a really great and reliable Land Pride lawn product that is used in both residential applications and commercial jobs.

The CA05 Series Pull-Type Core Aerator is just perfect for the task of improving soil quality with forced air circulation into the ground. The way the product works is through a series of steel spring-spoons and rotating disks.

The CA05 utilizes replaceable hardened-spring steel spoons mounted on rotating discs. These highly-durable spoons pull soil cores up to 2 1/2″ in length from the soil profile. The spoons are spaced laterally apart every 4″ for optimum efficiency. Once the cores are pulled from the soil they are deposited outside the mounts area for later disposal or other means for plug removal. That part Land Pride leaves to you! Once you have used the CA05 Series Pull-Type Core Aerator from Land Pride a few times you will see exactly why this model is one of the top sellers for LP!

Specifications of the CA05 Series Pull-Type Core Aerators


Length With Wheels: 48 in. (with tires raised for field work) Without Wheels: 38.88 in.
Height 27.5 in.
Width With Wheels: 40 in.
Without Wheels: 50 in.
Working Width 40 in.
Weight With Wheels: 102 lbs.
Without Wheels: 74 lbs.
Weight Tray 300 lbs. max. allowable added


No. of Plugger Spoons 40
Spoon Type 16 ga. replaceable hardened spring steel
Spoon Penetration 3 in. (depending on ground conditions and added weight)
Tractor Hitch Pull-type clevis hitch


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