Land Pride Aerator Importance

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Land Pride Aerator Importance

Are you aware that the proper selection of a core aerator is vital for more than just the larger farming communities all across the United States of America? While most homeowners will not have to be concerned with the core aeration of their turf, there happens to be a certain population of individuals in the continental United States that does have to be concerned with this project.

Solid and Dependable Core Aerator

If you happen to fall into that category of turf owners that are in constant need of a solid and dependable core aerator then we welcome you to this Land Pride aerator importance profile. We chose to speak about one certain aerator line from the wonderful folks there at Land Pride and that is the CA15 Series Core Aerators. You will see why in just a few moments.

Plenty of Sizes

These wondrous turf aeration units come in 48″, 56″, 64″ and 72″ working widths and are designed to relieve soil compaction and allow air circulation in grassy surfaces such as lawns, soccer fields, football fields, baseball fields, municipal parks and golf course fairways. The entire lines of Land Pride CA15 Aerators utilize replaceable, hardened spring steel spoons mounted on rotating discs. Pulled cores are placed on the surface for subsequent drying, pulverization or removal. The beauty of this series of Land Pride CA15 Aerators is that way can be added to the proprietary weight tray to help achieve maximum spoon penetration.

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