Land Pride Makes Posthole Digging a Breeze

Land Pride Manufacturing is set to make the hard, at times, tedious, always, post-hole-digging tasks, much easier. Land Pride offers a magnificent line of 3-point hitch mounted and PTO driven post hole diggers which are designed to meet a wide range of customer needs and applications.

PD15 Series Land Pride Parts

Land Pride Makes Posthole Digging a Breeze

Land Pride Makes Posthole Digging a Breeze

If you are searching for only one of these greatly enhanced Land Pride posthole diggers, then the PD15 Series is the one to possess. This helper for the fence post workers as well as residential lawn owners who are contemplating making better neighbors with a fine fence project, then have a listen to what we have researched about the Land Pride PD15 Series posthole digger.

Big to Small Jobs

From mediocre-sized homeowner landscaping needs to large industrial projects, Land Pride’s PD15 is just right for your application. The PD15 Series is designed for Category I 3-point attachment for 20 to 40-horsepower compact utility tractors and will be simply great at digging holes and allowing you to get out of there in record time!

Have a look at only a sprinkling of what this posthole digging apparatus offers you in 2011.

48-Inch Auger Length

Choice of 6, 9 or 12-Inch Auger Flights

Cast Steel Fishtail Tips

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