Land Pride Part Discussion for Taking Care of the Lawn this Fall

Today’s discussion revolves around one of the most misunderstood if not misinformed areas of the entire lawn care season. Of course all those homeowners that live north of the Mason-Dixon Line know exactly what we are referring to. This is in reference to the growth of grass in the colder climates of the United States during the fall and winter months. For those that reside south of the Line it is a bit harder to comprehend and understand the process of how grass grows when it’s chilly and downright cold outside.

Cold Does Not Mean No Growth

As mentioned earlier today this Land Pride Part discussion is concerned with taking care of the lawn during the cooler months of the fall. As we are now only weeks away from the scariest time of the year, Halloween, it is important that you realize that the grass will still grow all the way through November in some areas of the country. In light of that statement we need to tell you that this depends upon what strain of grass you have in your yard.

Land Pride Part

Land Pride Part Discussion for Taking Care of the Lawn this Fall


Return to What We Know

We always refer back to what we know and for many homeowners this means that if you have a very-common grass variety in the yard, this is what you will judge most lawns with having.
If you happen to have Saint Augustine grass in your lawn then possibly and more than likely your thought process will be along the lines that most people have St. Augustine grass as well! This is just not so in many of the states in the middle of the country. Most lawns consist of tall fescue and winter rye and a variety and hodge-podge of many different cross-trained and hybrid grasses in their yards. The bottom-line is that you’re going to cut that lawn almost up to Thanksgiving and this also means that you need to pay close attention to the accumulation of your Land Pride Part products so they can get the job done and get it done right.

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