DT35 Series Ditchers – Great for Spring Water Divertment Issues

Land Pride Part

Land Pride Part – DT35 Series Ditchers – Great for Spring Water Divertment Issues

Before you get to planting those seed rows of whatever your locality will sustain, you will need to first break out the DT35 Series Ditchers from Land Pride. The new DT35 Ditcher features a standard 1″ ripper shank, adjustable impeller head, and reversible/replaceable cutting edges for a great run at directing water from the seed rows!

Great for Spring Water Divertment Issues 

The 16″ or 18″ diameter impeller leaves a clean and very nice trough to keep water flowing freely from unwanted areas. The DT35 quickly creates channels for small irrigation ditches and for efficiently diverting water from seeding and growing areas. Equipped with a powerful 30 to 60 horsepower engine, the DT35 will be all the water-diverting unit you will ever need this mid-spring!

  • Fits Wide Variety of Tractors and can be Hitched to Either a CAT 1 or  CAT 2 Assembly    
  • Quickly and Easily Attach Ditcher to Tractor with One Person
  • Adjustable Impeller Digs a Nice-sized Drainage or Irrigation Ditch up to 8″ or 9″ deep with each Pass.

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