Land Pride Part – How to Prevent Yard Moles

Land Pride Part - How to Prevent Yard Moles

Land Pride Part – How to Prevent Yard Moles

In these United States, there is a yard pest with no equal. That pest is the common mole. Known as the creator of unsightly mounds of soil in the turf, these blind as a bat animals really know how to wreck an otherwise perfect turf! While we know that there are seven main species of moles here at this Land Pride Part blog, you may not have known that interesting if not frustrating little fact.

Not Very Big

The common mole rarely gets larger than 7 inches in length and that is a good thing. On the other hand, these critters just love to dig and chew through delicate root systems in an effort to curtail their quarry, the insect that is unfortunate enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time! The mole is considered a beneficial animal as it consumes a diverse array of insects and its tunnel system aerates the soil.

Love Hate

The love-hate relationship that most turf owners have with the mole centers on the mounds of toiled soil that are telltale signs of mole activity. You do not want to harm the little fellows but you just cannot have the lawn that you have worked so hard at maintaining to be ridged up by these critters! All you really have to do is severely limit the food source of the mole and that means a deep, pest control treatment in every square foot of turf in your yard.

That will make certain that the common mole is an unusual visitor to your beautiful turf!

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