Deep Winter Soil Preparation

Land Pride Part Lawn Tips - Deep Winter Soil Preparation

Land Pride Part Lawn Tips – Deep Winter Soil Preparation

If you happen to reside in an area that is normally warm for most of the year, then this posting will apply to you. If you live north of the Mason Dixon Line, then you probably are concerned with only cool season grasses. What you will learn about on this posting will still be of some benefit to you even if you call Vermont home.

At this Land Pride Part lookup, we wanted to tell you that in areas where warm-season turfgrasses go dormant or are susceptible to periodic low winter temperatures, you need to begin to slow the turfgrass growth and prepare to ‘winterize’ in late August.

How and Why You Need to Winterize Warm-Season Grasses

The key here is to reduce but do not totally eliminate nitrogen rates as this helps maintain but not push excessive new top growth.  Please have a look below at a few points of interest in the realm of winterizing warm-season grasses.

  • Apply a Balanced Fertilizer in the Range of (5-10-20) or (5-10-31)
  • Core Removal through Aerification Promotes Air Circulation in Soil’s Root Zone.
  • Overseeding in Warm-Season Grasses with a Cool-Season Grass

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