Land Pride Part Profiles 21 Series Flail Mower

When it comes to mowing a larger tract of acreage, the choices in the new and improved 21 Series Flail Mower from the good people at Land Pride, really are hard to beat. In today’s posting, we are going to profile one such newly created and expertly at that, flail mower and that is the 21 Series.

Land Pride Part

Land Pride Part Profiles 21 Series Flail Mower

Rotor Works In Opposite Direction

What makes the 21 Series a spectacular asset to any large, populated area that requires almost constant upkeep in the heat of late spring and into summer, is the way this unit goes about cutting and trimming. For starters, the rotor works in the opposite direction from the way the “21” is heading, making clippings and other possible projectiles trapped in the catch of the unit itself! That means that even in densely populated areas where children are playing and adults are conversing, the 21 Series Flail Mower operates with utmost safety and precision!

Dynamic and Innovative Process

You will have to experience this dynamic and innovative process yourself by giving this unit from LP a trial run yourself! We guarantee that once you drag this mower behind a riding mower or a tractor or whatever motorized unit you plan on using, you will be hooked on the “cut-ability” of this fine product!

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