DT55 Powered Ditcher – A Great Farming Tool

Land Pride Part Profiles a Great Farming Tool - DT55 Powered Ditcher

Land Pride Part Profiles a Great Farming Tool – DT55 Powered Ditcher

As Old Man Winter gives way to the sweet smell of spring, the time to start planting seed rows is upon most of the farmers of America. Of course, this depends on what is being planted and with the winter not being as harsh as it has been in recent years, the impact and the timing of seed planting is being correlated to this weather phenomenon.

In today’s offering from us here at this Land Pride Part blog, we are going to give you a quick overview of one of the best farming tools ever to hit the fields of America. The DT55 Powered Ditcher from Land Pride is a versatile tool to use in many farming environments to help control excess water pooling and other digging tasks.

Cleaning water ditches along roadsides or in farm fields to drain standing water away from crops, the DT55 makes it simple and easy as pie. The 20″ impeller leaves a clean and sculptured trough to keep water flowing freely from unwanted areas and will make certain that the strawberries and the potatoes are not waterlogged this growing season!

We hope you all had a great Christmas and are looking forward to the all grownup holiday reward, New Years Eve! It’s our time now to open a few presents and get…happy!

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