Land Pride Parts 3 Point Drill

Land Pride Parts

Land Pride Parts 3 Point Drill

While there are times that you may need just a regular, old-fashioned tiller, there are other times, when you require something a little more, ‘rangy’. This is why we thought it to be a great time and idea to introduce to all of you woodsy, vineyard-planning folks out there, the beauty and the ease of a 3P500 5′ 3-Point Min-Till drill from Land Pride.

Tight Locations Require Appropriate Drill!

This drill is expertly designed to squeeze into the tightest of locations such as, wooded areas, orchards, and the afore mentioned vineyards. These Min-Till drills positively are the best when seeding into fully prepared, and minimum tillage plots.

Blown Away!

Land Pride Parts, and the manufacturers over at LP, simply are blown-away by the superior performance and the durability that these drills provide!

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