Land Pride Parts 3 Point Drill

Land Pride Parts 3 Point Drill

Land Pride Parts 3 Point Drill

While there are times that you may need just a regular, old-fashioned tiller, there are other times, when you require something a little more, ‘rangy’. This is why we thought it to be a great time and idea to introduce to all of you woodsy, vineyard-planning folks out there, the beauty and the ease of a 3P500 5′ 3-Point Min-Till drill from Land Pride.

This drill is expertly designed to squeeze into the tightest of locations such as, wooded areas, orchards, and the aforementioned vineyards. These Min-Till drills positively are the best when seeding into fully prepared, and minimum tillage plots.

Land Pride Parts, and the manufacturers over at LP, simply are blown-away by the superior performance and the durability that these drills provide.

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