Importance of Spring-time Postemergence Herbicides

Land Pride Parts

Land Pride Parts and Importance of Spring-time Postemergence Herbicides

Post-emergence herbicides are chemicals that are used to kill weeds after the weed plants are up and growing. To be most effective, the majority of postemergence herbicides must be absorbed directly into and through the leaves; consequently, liquid sprays generally work better than dry, granular ones. However, there are the family of granular formulations that may be the most practical for you and your lawn application.

Control Annual or Perennial Broadleaved Weeds

We feel that postemergence herbicides are most effectively applied when the weeds are young and growing vigorously. If you need to control annual or perennial broad-leaved weeds, in the spring, then you are on the right track with a postemergence weed application and that’s for sure!

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