Land Pride Parts and Winter Blues

The weather outside is frightening, we keep hearing that song played repeatedly in our heads and it has to stop! Today we are going to look at one way that the residents of a small town in northern Illinois have used their heads to clear away tons of ice and snow for the good people of that community.

Pull-type Drag Scrapers

The Land Pride BB4510 & BB4512 Pull-type Drag Scrapers with the optional standard axle is designed for moving large quantities of rough-type material. The manufacturers over at Land Pride knew what uses were to be put into motion when they started to put together one of the best scrappers in the farming industry. The little farming community, which will remain anonymous for various reasons, saw a need and developed their own answer to this very important, at times life saving requirement.

Dead of Winter Frees up Scrappers for Snow and Ice Removal

The beauty of a scrapper, such as the Land Pride Parts BB4510, is that this unit does so much more than level off grades to farming specifications. During the month of February 2011, these units scrapped and moved tons of ice and snow that had been dumped on the little town and would have made snow banks 20 feet tall or maybe more if these barriers were left to stand and build.

Land Pride Parts and Winter Blues

Land Pride Parts and Winter Blues

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