Land Pride Parts Details the Land Pride DT35 Ditcher

Land Pride Parts

Land Pride Parts Details the Land Pride DT35 Ditcher

For those unfortunate enough to wish for a bit of rain, then they need to know about the realities of ‘getting what you wish for’ and how! All across the Southeastern portion of the United States, especially way down here in the swamps and beaches of the Sunshine State, rain is fallen and fallen hard.

Drought conditions in the Deep South have not been satisfied as of yet, and what most people who are not meteorologists don’t understand about being 23” of rain in the red means, is that it would take two to three years of straight deluges, to pacify those dry conditions.

If you find yourself, knee-deep in water, and you are seeing your fields full of ripening soybeans, float off into the nearest river or lake, then it is time to break out the ‘water diversion’ unit from Land Pride.

The fine folks, over at LawnEQ stock Land Pride Parts, wanted all of you water-logged people to know that the benefits of rain far outweigh the negatives. The simple fact remains that if you need water, and you get it, and then some, complaining about it is just not the ‘sanest’ option to engage within!

The best action to take is to drag the Land Pride DT35 Ditcher behind the tractor and get to removing as much standing water as you possibly can, long before the end of summer picking season begin.

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