Land Pride Parts Instructs Proper Muffler Replacement

With the wicked winter, that just blew over the entire continental United States, along with the rapidly heating up warmth of Spring, there comes a need to replace parts on lawn mowers. That’s a dual-purpose statement and one that is certainly apparent in the garages and front yards of the nation. If you are sitting there with a puzzled expression on your mug over the sound that is roaring out of that relatively diminutive engine, then we here at Land Pride Parts wishes to instruct you on the proper etiquette for muffler replacement.

Cats in Cradle and Howling!

Please notice that we strongly suggested replacement not a repair job on the muffler, as all of those muffler repair kits are exactly what they seem, temporary wraps for a permanent, terminal problem. What you must do in order to silence the noise that is waking the sleeping neighbors and causing a chorus of cats to wail as if in “Eustace”,  is to replace that muffler immediately.

Muffler Hook Ups

Land Pride Parts Instructs Proper Muffler Replacement

Land Pride Parts Instructs Proper Muffler Replacement


Please see the link below to replace the muffler on any and all Land Pride lawn and farm units, as we do not want you to get the wrong impression that all muffler mounts and dismounts are alike. They are not and you only have to refer to the owner’s manual, or peruse the reply comment button on this site, and we will certainly hook you up with the proper steps and documentation, to have that muffler off and then a new one back on in minutes!

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