Land Pride Parts Looks at Hard to Crank Mowers

Regardless what time of the year it is and most-definitely when the weather is cold, you will need to know something about how to crank a cold engine or just an engine that is temperamental and moody! Today we are going to examine the most-popular ways and methods for starting those hard to crank Land Pride Parts supported mowers.

Land Pride Rocks!

Whether it is early in the mowing season or late into the fall, you will have to start a cold lawn mower engine and we all know this to be true. We also know that it is so much harder and more difficult to start a cold Land Pride lawn mower because the engine oil has less viscosity and the carburetor may have old stale gas.

Items Needed

· Starter Fluid
· Socket Wrench Set
· Wire Brush
· Flathead/Phillips Head Screwdriver

How to Start a Land Pride Cold Lawn Mower

· Disconnect Spark Plug Cap and Remove Completely
· Brush Tip of Plug with Wire Brush
· Spray Starter Fluid on Connector
· Screw Sparkie Back In
· Unscrew Air Filter Cover
· Scrape off Debris From Air Filter with Screwdriver
· Air Filter is Dirty? Replace
· Reinstall New or Cleaned Air Filter
· Depress Primer Button 3 Times
· Start your Land Pride Lawn Mower

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