Land Pride FM20 Flail Mower Replacement

Land Pride Parts Product Review-Land Pride FM20 Flail Mower

Land Pride FM20 Flail Mower

Land Pride has earned the reputation of standing behind every one of their superb lawn and turf products. At Land Pride Parts we understand how important it is for you to feel confident in purchasing products that are reliable, and to know that replacement parts assistance is always just a mouse click away!

Land Pride FM20 Series Flail Mower

The Land Pride FM20 Flail Mowers are the perfect choice for schools and other recreational areas where children and adults may be present. With the rotor working in the opposite direction of travel, the cut grass/twigs/debris is brought up and over the rotor.

The FM20 Series

25–55 HP-60″, 72″ Great for Smaller Tracts of Turf

80-HP-88″ Great For Tackling the Largest of Turfs


• 1″ Cutting capacity • 1″ Cutting Capacity
• 0 – 4″ Cutting height • 1/2″ – 6″ Cutting Height

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