Review of the Land Pride APS1548

Land Pride Seeder

Great Seeder!!!!

When it comes to superior performance and time-sensitive turf seeding there is nothing better than the Land Pride APS1548 Seeder. This ground-driven Tripoint turf seeder is manufactured to work in tandem with a prepared seedbed and overseeding options. The sky is the limit when it comes to the turf seeding’s that can be achieved through the Land Pride APS1548.


  • · Machine Weight – Heavier unit-weight allows for deeper and more controlled spike penetration and seed-to-soil contact. This is very important to jobs that require acres at a time of seeding’s.
  • · Side Mounted Lift Hooks – Allows for easy loading and unloading
  • · Water-tight Seedbox – Keeps water and critters out as both are drawn to turf seeds
  • · Large Seedbox Capacity – One bushel per foot
  • · Easy Seedbox Cleaning – Lift a lever and it is dumped clean and clear


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