Land Pride Parts Profiles the RCD1884 Dual Spindle Offset Rotary Cutter

During this spring of 2012, there will be ups and downs for all of us in regards to being able to keep our lawns looking good and healthy.

Land Pride Parts

One manufacturer of lawn and farm equipment is doing something good about the economical situation and the costs of procuring what is required to keep a nice lawn this year. That is Land Pride and what they have done is create a rotary cutter that is both magnificent and ‘not too’ pricey.

Great for all Types of Lawns and Turf Areas

The RCD1884 Dual Spindle Offset Rotary Cutter with its 84″ cutting width, 10″ offset to the right and 360 degree rotating tail-wheels is great for clearing tall grass, stubborn weeds, and light brush up to 1 1/2″ in diameter. This machine will be able to chop through areas in orchards and tree groves, under over-hanging hedgerows, or next to fence lines and guard railings. It is also good for operation on gentle slopes and mildly contoured approaches immediately adjacent to ponds, lakes, streams, drainage ditches, and roadways. The 2″ to 12″ cutting height makes it ideal for mowing cattle pastures, set aside acres, and row crop fields, as well as your turf.

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