2009 Land Pride FDR1648

Land Pride FDR16 Rear Discharge Grooming Mowers

Land Pride FDR1648 Rock and Roll!

The Land Pride FDR16 Rear Discharge Grooming Mowers are built and artfully designed with you, the consumer in mind. And inasmuch as these are created for your needs they are also backed by one of the best warranties in the entire industry! Leave it to the professionals at Land Pride as well as Land Pride Replacement Parts to get together and bring you these specs as well.

Pricing/Color Information

  • Blue Buckskin Green Orange Red
  • Gearbox HP Rating – 15 – 30 HP
  • Rear Discharge
  • Deflectors
  • Clevis Type Lower Hitch Points
  • Floating 3-Point
  • Frame-over-Deck Design
  • 3/16” Deck Thickness
  • Lower Hitch Points

http://www.lawneq.com/pages/custompages/viewcustompage/2351/Land_Pride.aspx – Find your Land Pride Part online!

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