Improper Mowing of Lawns Can Impact Weed Growth

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Improper Mowing of Lawns Can Impact Weed Growth

Improper Mowing of Lawns Can Impact Weed Growth

Did you know that if you fail to cut your lawn in the summer whenever it is needed that you could be fighting an uphill battle against weeds all summer long? At Land Pride Replacement Parts we discuss the residential lawn and commercial turf aspects with many customers and the majority of those issues revolve around the aspects of proper cutting. We wanted to relay a little piece of lawn managing wisdom and hopefully if you practice these lawn cutting ideas and practice these well throughout the summer, you will have very little worry from pesky weeds and other unwanted greenery in the lawn.

·Cut Lawn in the Early Morning Hours after Dew (if any) has Dried

·Cut Lawn Blades Cleanly and with a Very Sharp Blade

·¾” Maximum Cutting at one Time

By following those easy turf cutting prescriptions you will have a weed-limited yard. Notice that we are not trying to pull the grass over your eyes and we certainly would not want you to think this is all that it takes to combat such worthy grassy-weed adversaries as crabgrass and false dandelion. We just wanted you to know a few tips so that when it is time to hack into the lawn you will be fully-prepared!

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