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Thank you for visiting our Land Pride Replacement Parts blog and we hope you not only have a great time visiting us but also learn a little something about one of America’s most down-to-earth manufacturers of lawn and tractor equipment, Land Pride. The friendly professionals at Land Pride take great pride in manufacturing and creating some of the best backed lawn maintenance and tractor equipment pieces the world over!

At Bahrns Equipment Inc. we stand firm with our commitment to offering only the most genuine and recommended Land Pride replacement parts regardless of the piece of machinery that they will propel or repair. We understand that not all machines and engines run forever. Of course not as that would be a wonderful piece of machinery to own!  With the extreme demands that are placed upon hard-working lawn tractor machines day in and day out it is inevitable that you will need a replacement part even for a great Land Pride mower or tractor.

Landpride Offers Replacement Parts

As one of the most desired manufacturers of tractor-mounted equipment Land Pride demonstrates this with a great variety of rotary cutters as well as rotary tillers and grooming mowers. All of these pieces of equipment are constructed to meet every engineers need regardless of the size of the property.

With that in mind we welcome you to Land Pride and the Land Pride Replacement Parts shop online and ask you to come back and visit as often as you like. In the upcoming weeks we will be providing product reviews as well as reports and late-breaking developments in the never ending story of Land Pride equipment manufacturing. Have a great day and remember to check your oil and air filter if required on every engine since oil viscosity breakdown is a major cause of overall machinery and engine fatigue!


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    Nice brief and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you on your information.

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  3. David Snow

    Regarding Landpride FD2560 Grooming finishing mowers..
    Original pulley was damaged and replaced with
    part #808-075C. We are having problems with the belt jumping off with the new pulley. After further investiagation, the replacement pulley is not the same V grove width as the original. Could this be the problem and if so, what do you recommend? This mower is approximately 25 years old. Any help to resolve this issue will be a great help. Thanks, David

    1. admin (Post author)

      We will need to get the measurements of new and old pulley. Then we can determine if you have the right pulley to start with. Make sure the belt alignment is correct and spin each pulley and idler and make sure they are turning smoothly and do not sound dry. It could be a bearing problem else where.


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