Look Back at Lawn Maintenance Industry

One riding lawn mower from Germany

Very old but still cutting!

Sometimes you have to look back in order to move forward and this is just what we have planned on doing today at Land Pride Replacement Parts. By looking back at lawn maintenance industry specifics and high points we all can get a better idea of where the lawn industry especially manufacturers of these excellent Land Pride Turf Management tools is heading.

Bring the Boys Home

The residential and commercial lawn mower market in the middle 1930’s had approximately 50,000 units sold around those intrepid and turbulent years in the continental United States. With another World war under its belt the lawn care industry then only had to survive a recession or two and it was then firmly entrenched in the lives of American homeowners as long as grass keeps growing.

Rolling Right Along

One of the first lawnmowers that was introduced to the American market in the 1950’s was made by Land Pride. This early prototype of the reel mower that became the standard for most of the United States from that point up until the gasoline engines of the next decade, the experts at Land Pride rode that crest of a success all the way into the New Age of lawn care.

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