RTA20 Series Rotary Tiller Product Review

Toro Replacement Parts Product Review of RTA20 Land Pride TillerWith the summer now in full gear and the temperatures hovering around the century mark in many regions of the United States it is time to start the tilling process. The lawn maintenance professionals at Land Pride have created a tool that will make that tilling job so much easier in the RTA 20 Series Rotary Tiller.

Grinds-Up Hard-Packed Soil

The RTA 20 Rotary Tiller effortlessly grinds up hard-packed soil, leaving a perfect environment for planting a garden or seeding grass. Here at Land Pride Replacement Parts we understand quality and this is exactly what every single feature and benefit of the RTA 20 Series Rotary Tiller has to offer.


· American Made! Many Tillers are Imported American Made Means Better Parts Availability
· Land Pride has the Market on Reverse Rotation
· Affordable Price for Landscapers
· Forward Rotation for Contractors who Desire that Directional Rotation


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  2. Hope you have an efficient day!

    Hope you have an efficient day!

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