Land Pride Replacement Parts Suggests Organic Summer Fire Ant Control

Land Pride Replacement Parts Suggests Organic Summer Fire Ant Control

Land Pride Replacement Parts Suggests Organic Summer Fire Ant Control

The beauty of summer is all around us these days and the pain of stings from fire ants as well! Land Pride Replacement Parts has taken a proactive, and off to the left step away from the customary and familiar small engine discussions and towards the pest control sector, if only for a minute. We are turf-trimming types and we have had our fair share of these lawn pests as well!

Green Ideas for Dealing with Red Fire Ants

If you are the earthy-type and desire to not spread, harmful and toxic poisons, onto the very soil and turf in your lawn, even if it is to eradicate a nuisance red fire ant mound, then we are glad that you have stopped by as we are going to show you one way that scientists have discovered to control these pests organically.

Solenopsis Invictas

The targeted ant species today is the red imported fire ant, Solenopsis Invictas. Native to Brazil and accidentally introduced into the United States at the port in Mobile, Alabama in the 1930s, these red ants are very dangerous to children and those susceptible to fire ant stings. In the United States, these invasive ants have been unstoppable to a degree, as they really have no known natural American natural enemies. Here is a way that you can be the final judge and jury in the elimination of these South American invaders!

Interesting to Study and Deadly to Red Fire Ants – Phorid Flies

The red imported fire ant is native to Brazil and this is where the scientists looked to for natural enemies that could be brought to the U.S. to help control these invasive pests. They discovered the phorid fly (Pseudacteon spp.), also called the decapitating fly or the brain-eating fly for its method of feeding on the ants it hunts.


A very small fly, these ant-killers locate an ant and then let the brain sucking begin! By injecting paralyzing venom into the brain of the red fire ant, but not killing the prey item, the female fly then lays her egg on a foraging worker. The egg eventually happens and this is how the larva is feed until it burrows out of the head of the ant and fly off into the sunset!

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