Landpride Part and A Mid Spring Nights Dream

There is no way that any of you can tell us that you expected this type of greeting from the rites of spring? Rain, and at times, extremely heavy rain, has come down all over the continental United States in the end part of April. Of course we all understand the rhyme of April showers bring May flowers but come on now, this is ridiculous.

Illinois Pride

Landpride Part and A Mid Spring Nights Dream

Land Pride Part and A Mid Spring Nights Dream

Here, we are right in the middle of it all in Illinois and we have experienced some of the worst that spring has to offer. We are thankful for the rains as they bring about green as far as the eye can see and brilliantly colored flowers as well. But when it comes to flash flooding and the like, we draw the line for people’s safety.

Dry Start Soggy Ending

A Mid Spring Night’s Dream is what we are going to call this month of April since it started out like a sweet, wondrous dream then turned into a nightmarish downpour all in 30 short days! Still, after all is said and done, we are appreciative of the wetness and only hope and pray that everyone is safe and sound, if not extremely soaked!

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