Land Pride Part and Deluge to Drought Issues with Illinois Lawns

Landpride Part and Deluge to Drought Issues with Illinois Lawns

Land Pride Part and Deluge to Drought Issues with Illinois Lawns

If we know one thing about weather issues in Illinois, it is that it is as unpredictable as an Illinois vs Indiana basketball game. As much as we want the Fighting Illini to come out of that battle as the victor, at times and in certain years, it is hard to say that a win is guaranteed. The same can be said concerning the weather conditions here in Illinois and what needs to be understood is that when it is dry as a bad joke in Effingham or as wet as a monsoon in Pune, you need to know how to protect your turf.

Cannot Control Mother Nature

Weather is one thing we certainly cannot control. Moreover, when we have to deal with extremes like drought or flooding rains, we soon realize just how little control we actually have. Here at this Land Pride Part posting, we wanted to advise you on what to do in case the weather turns bad and you are left to your own devices to protect the lawn.

From Deluge to Drought

While drought is a serious matter and certainly an inconvenience, storms and flooding rains are certainly causes of great concern. Please have a peek at the below listing of tips that you can do before and after a drought or deluge occurs.

  • Leave your Lawn Alone Altogether in a Drought
  • Never Apply Herbicides to Control Weeds in a Drought or Deluge
  • Don’t Fertilize
  • Don’t Aerate

Please recall to keep everyone safe and inside during these climactic weather events.

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