Land Pride Part Helps With Florida Chinch Bug Problems

There is a pest problem each spring and well into the late summer months, in the state of Florida, that requires early attention. The pest problem is in the form of a rather unsettling little bugger, the Southern chinch bug. Looking, for all intensive purposes, like a hairy cousin of the pestilence that is the Blissus insularis, this black and orange colored insect has a huge appetite for southern turfs.

Sunshine State Turf Pestilence

Since Florida is a southern state and since the Sunshine State is well-known for very hot summers, this makes the southern chinch bug a massive issue in this region. For Saint Augustine lawn owners, this posting could be an after thought and here at Landpride Part

Landpride Part

Landpride Part Helps With Florida Chinch Bug Problems

We realize this issue may be a bit late and redundant as well. The problem is that the state of Florida is highly-transient and this calls for a constant stream of relevant and timely pest control postings.

Coffee Cans and Detergent

The best method for determining if you have chinch bugs chewing on the grass in Florida or any other state for that matter, is to use the open-ended on both sides, coffee can trick. All you have to do is to cut the closed-end of a two pound coffee can out and then insert win to the turf about three inches. With a water based solution of dishwashing detergent you only have to wait about 15 minutes to see if any adult chinch bugs come floating to the surface. If you see these bugs in the sudsy water then you must continue to water but not excessively and apply an insecticide of your choice.

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