How to Adjust the Mower Deck on a ZTR

Landpride Part

Land Pride Part – How to Adjust the Mower Deck on a ZTR

There are great Zero Turn Mowers (ZTRs) that are made right here in the United States and they are manufactured by Land Pride. Virtually unrivaled by any other lawn tractors when comparing time to mow statistics, the  Zero Turn Mowers can negotiate square corners at speed, circumnavigate trees and other turf cutting obstacles without slowing down and are ergonomically adjustable to meet the individual comfort and control needs of the operator.

What you will need to know how to accomplish, from time to time, is the mower deck adjustment task. We here at LPRP have put together a speedy listing so that you have a general idea of what you have to do, in order to keep on cutting turf like the professional you are!

Tools Required

  • Air Pump
  • Air Pressure Gauge
  • Four 3-inch Wooden Blocks
  • 6-inch “C” Clamp
  • SAE Socket Set
  • SAE Wrench Set


  • Park the ZTR mower on a flat, level surface and use air pump to inflate the tires to 8 to 12 pounds per square inch (psi).
  • Raise the mowing deck and place 3-inch wooden blocks under all corners of the mowing deck and always remove the key to prevent accidental starting.
  • Set the cutting height lever located on the side of the ZTR mower to exactly 3 inches and put the height adjustment stop firmly into the 3-inch adjustment hole, then crank down on the height stop knob to lock it into place.
  • Attach a 6-inch “C” clamp to the height adjustment stop rail and clamp tightly against the adjustment stop handle.
  • Loosen all tightening nuts securing the deck lift threaded rods, as well as the lock nuts on the right-front deck height adjuster.
  • All deck lift chains should be slack, with the mower deck weight supported solely by the 4 wooden blocks.
  • Loosen the two hex nuts on the front of height indicator rod so that the foot control (deck height pedal) is loose.
  • Measure the 4 corners of the mower deck from the ground.
  • The deck should be level approximately 3 inches from the ground surface.

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