Land Pride Parts Discusses SF2577 Scarifier

The SF2577 Scarifier is designed and expertly built by Land Pride to perform severe ripping, loosening, and general renovation or reshaping of the soil area. These scarifiers offer 60″ and 72″ working widths and are adapted for Category 1 3-point hitch mounting to tractors with 25 to 50 horsepower, magnificent capabilities. The reason why we here at this Land Pride Parts thought it would be good to discuss the finer aspects of this scarifier, stems from our interest in this unit.

Landpride Parts Discusses SF2577 Scarifier

Land Pride Parts Discusses SF2577 Scarifier

Land Pride SF2577 Scarifier

The Land Pride SF2577 Scarifier is made to work with the Land Pride 15 and 25 Series Landscape Rakes or Land Pride Rear Blades. The versatile action of this unit that can be used simultaneously with a landscape rake or rear blade makes, as this makes no difference whatsoever!

Go scare up some rough terrain and when you are done, sit back and marvel at the beauty of a really leveled out landscape!

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