Land Pride Parts Product Review of Land Pride RT 5502 Tiller

From all of us here at Land Pride Parts Happy Christmas everyone!

Landpride Parts Product Review of Landpride RT 5502 Tiller

Land Pride Parts Product Review of Land Pride RT 5502 Tiller

We thought it would be a nice gift today to give you a bit of a product review about one of our favorite units here from the wonderful folks over at Land Pride. The Land Pride RT 5502 Tiller is what we are going to speak about right here and right now. We understand that Old Man Winter has his icy fingers wrapped around most of the nation and the time for tilling the soil is virtually a half a year away.

Maybe Santa will Bring You One?

Our main point is that it is better to be prepared when you have the chance especially when it comes to something as important as gardening and farming practices. The Landpride RT 825-5502 Tiller lists for about $3000 and this is a good price for a brand-new model. If you want to pick one up on the cheap and we suggest that you only do so through a reputable master dealer who has a tight relationship with Land Pride then that you will look to pay around 2000 to $2500.

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