Land Pride Parts Profiles Soil Pulverizes

Landpride Parts Profiles Soil Pulverizes

Landpride Parts Profiles Soil Pulverizes

The SP20 Series Soil Pulverizers from Land Pride manufacturing,  loosen, pulverize, and level packed or encrusted soils, in preparation for seeding or laying of new turf. The SP20 Series Pulverizers are adapted for the normal Category 1 three-point hitch mounting systems and have a minimum 25 hp tractor requirement.

Land Pride Parts Soil Pulverizers come in two sizes for flexibility and choice;  60″ and 72″ working widths making them well suited for use by commercials landscapers, rental yards, on site construction contractors, and professional turf managers. Sweet applications include golf courses, athletic fields, housing developments, nurseries, sod farms, transportation right-of-ways, and park systems.

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