Land Pride Parts Profiles the AFM4211 All-Flex Mower

Landpride Parts

Land Pride Parts Profiles the AFM4211 All-Flex Mower

Do you have a turf area that is as thick as a Belizean jungle? Then you need the muscle as well as the finesse qualities of a All-Flex Mower. The AFM4211 All-Flex Mower allows for excellent cut quality and performance on dense turf grasses, no matter what type of grass you have in your yard. To go a step further and to ‘showcase’ just how viable this mower from Landpride actually is for a commercial application, even well manicured areas such as fairways, parks, schoolyards, sports fields, and small estates, can be handles easily by this flex mower!

Plenty of Options

We understand what it takes to be a great manufacturer of fine mowers, and that is why we have decided to quickly profile the AFM4211 All-Flex Mower here at this Land Pride Parts location. The AFM4211 is readily available with slip-clutch or conventional wing driveline configurations, that are manufactured to exacting end-user specifications.

Zero Turning Radius

This mower from LP offers independent deck flotation and zero turning radius that is attributable to the sleek frame design. If you are concerned about how you will be able to move the mower from location to location, Landpride has thought ahead on that task and uses the power of hydraulics and a set of hydraulic wing cylinders, that will easily lift the wing decks for a 7’-8″ transport width.

Please have a look at some of the features and bennies of this All-Flex mower from Landpride!

  • (1) Counter Blade Rotation on Left Hand Deck
  • Spreads Turf Clippings Evenly
  • Wing Decks Toss Cut Grass Away From Rear Deck
  • Rear Deck Does Not Become Covered or Bogged Down by Cut Grass

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