Land Pride Parts Wishes You and Your Family a Great Christmas

Landpride Parts Wishes You and Your Family a Great Christmas

Land Pride Parts Wishes You and Your Family a Great Christmas

Have you completed all or most of your Christmas shopping or maybe you are like so many of us procrastinators that wait until the last possible moment and have not even started your shopping escapade yet? We understand and that is why we wanted to offer you something that will assist you in the coming year after all of the ice and snow and the holiday wrappers are long gone.

With the economy being what it is these days, everyone is stretching their dollar as far as they possibly can and within reason, of course. Many farm and acreage owners are turning to what they have in lieu of shelling out more money to purchase a farm tool that they could use, but could also live without. What we here at this Landpride Parts are trying to say is that you do not have to go out to the local retailer and lay down thousands for a piece of equipment that could be lived without.

Take for instance the Land Pride BB12 Series Box Scraper. This unit can do so much in terms of all-season work that it only makes sense that when the snow is piled high in the driveway and the city has not or will not make it out to clear the roadway in front of your house, that you hop on the tractor and hitch up this scrapper.

As always, have a safe adventure in the snow this winter and have a very safe and Happy Christmas!

1. Remove Center Hex Bolts

2. Remove Special Fasteners

3. Remove Metal Spacers from Center Paddle Holes

4. Install Spacers on New Paddles

5. Install New Paddles on Center Plate

6. Reinstall the Special Fasteners

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