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Thanksgiving is all about offering thanks for everything that has or will come our way. While that may be rather challenging to accomplish this year in fact there are many things right off the top of your head that you can be thankful. First and foremost is that you do not have to cut the lawn this weekend or for the next 25 weekends at the very least! How is that for a thank you?

Land Pride Parts Says Thank You

Land Pride Parts

Land Pride Parts


Today we will speak about one of the most fascinating, to us, contraptions of the 21st century, the immortal, reel mower. Land Pride offers a few varieties of these units but they are the ones that are dragged behind a large tractor or at the very least a riding lawn mower. We are referring to the more personal use reel mowers.

Please See Below Some for the Most Popular Features and Benefits of a Reel Mower

· Reels Specified by the Length of the Reel (Ex. 20 inch mower will mow a strip 20 inches wide)

· Most Mowers Range from 14 to 20 Inches

· Will Require a Little Effort for Trimming the Lawn

Thank You!

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