The Land Pride RCF2060

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The Land Pride RCF2060 – ‘Making Short Work of a Long Turf’

As you stare out at the lawn, your mind starts to wonder. ‘How am I going to cut through all of this massive, tangled growth and get my turf back to the condition it was before last winter?” That is a great question and one that deserves a firm answer, as well as a great lawn-mowing unit as well.

Today, we are going to take a peek at one of our favorite units here at Land Pride Parts, for bushwhacking an overgrown lawn, the RCF2060 cutter from Land Pride. This unit features a smooth top for easier cleaning and a floating top link for following ground highs and lows in grass, weeds, and light brush up to 2” in diameter.

This cutter is great for rural acreage or farm grass maintenance, but do not think that you cannot utilize the fierceness of this unit in your very own back forty! The 60″ cutting width is ideal for lawns that are not the postage stamp style and sizes that so many neighborhoods now possess.

As a matter of fact, one of our associates here at the firm, only uses his Land Pride RCF2060 for cutting his front and back yard. Of course Timmy has a giant lawn and a tiny house that takes up only 1100 square feet!

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