This Land Pride Part Posting RC5014 Determines How The Manicured Municipal Fields in Jacksonville Florida Get That Way

If you find yourself in the beautiful city, that is Jacksonville, Florida this late spring or possibly, by the time the real heat comes on down, the searing summer, then you need to take a look around. What we wanted to address to all of you Illinois lawn trimmers and even a few of you Indiana folks as well, is that there are cleanly-manicured, municipalities in this First Coast locality, that is referred to with the acronym “Jax”, and this is in large part to the fine equipment that the employees are privileged to use. Land Pride.

Land Pride Part

Land Pride Part RC5014 Creates Manicured Municipal Fields in Jacksonville Florida

Heavy-Duty RC5014 Series Rotary Cutters

This Land Pride Part profile is going to examine just how it is that all of these acres upon acres of green Saint Augustine grass remains that way here in the Sunshine State. The employees that utilize the many features and benefits of the heavy-duty RC5014 Series Rotary Cutters are pleased as punch to be able to rely on such ultimate performance. When you have to cut a mile and a half of turf the last thing you want to hear is silence when you start to pull that skid.

City of Jacksonville Public Works Department
With a very wide swath, being created by the RC5014 Series Rotary Cutter, it stands to reason why both the City of Jacksonville Public Works Department and the State of Florida Maintenance Units rely on the quality that comes only from a Land Pride rotary cutter.

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