Understanding How Land Pride Became a Leader in Light Farming Machinery

When you desire to learn a little about how a small unnoticed farming equipment manufacturer in the Great Midwest turned into a lawn and farm equipment leading manufacturer you only need to think about associations. The most recent example of this is the ballyhooed Land Pride and Kubota pact. This is how Land Pride has been able to wrestle itself into the current positioning of being a leader in the turf and farming equipment industry.

Pacts and Such

Understanding How Land Pride Became a Leader in Light Farming Machinery

Land Pride a Leader in Light Farming Machinery

Land Pride has become a leader in the turf maintenance industry in much the same way as with the above listed association with Kubota. By engaging within this form of mutual benefiting the company has been able to market itself along previously foreign lines of commerce and has done very well indeed with this business modeling.

President Salem Speaks

The strategy, as detailed in a recent interview with a leading farm equipment magazine, Linda Salem, President of Land Pride, said, “The strategy is to further penetrate the rural lifestyle market. Kubota offers primarily tractors, front-end loaders and backhoes along with a few other implements. Because of their limited range of implements, they were looking to round out their offerings in a more creative way than through purchasing another company or doing an OEM relationship. A lot of our dealers are already Kubota dealers,” she added.

Rise Up and Up

When you think about it in that regard it is quite easy to see how and why Land Pride will continue to rise in the ranks of one of the greatest farm and turf manufacturing services in the United States of America!


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