Welcome to the Land Pride Replacement Parts Site

Welcome to the Land Pride Replacement Parts Site!

We exist to serve you, our valued customers and customers-to-be, and feel that by constantly searching and posting  all the pertinent Land Pride Replacement Parts information, we do just that!

This site is going to be your one-stop resource location for so many topics that involve Land Pride or Bahrns! The association that we here at Bahrns Equipment Inc. have worked so very hard to create is one of mutual respect and loyalty. You can be certain that if you require anything for your Land Pride mower or small engine we will only supply you with genuine Land Part OEM replacement Parts and nothing else!

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Please feel Free to Contact us at the below listed information of you have a question or just a comment, we are here to help!

We are very happy that you have decided to visit us here and look forward to answering each and every question you may have in relation to Land Pride RP or Bahrns Equipment Inc.

Phone: 1-800-432-2909 1-800-432-2909
Email: lawneq@bahrns.com


  1. L. F. Lamm

    I am looking to buy a Land Pride Accu ZT60…I have no idea what it sold for new but would like to know. I know I will need a parts source and you guys look like the one. Is there any way you can tell me when the mower was manufactured…the serial number is 617285 and the engine, a 31hp Kawasaki was manufactured in 2009. Also, do you have an approximate value for the machine? It appears to be in very good condition….thank you….Lynn

    1. admin (Post author)

      The manufacturing date is: 2009-04-23. It is really hard for me to tell you what the mower is worth without seeing it. I have seen them for $2000 – $5000. If it was in really good condition I would not give over $2500 for trade in value, and that is pushing it. Let us know if you have any further questions. Thanks!


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